Silver-lining-in-genocide Senator Lynn Beyak strikes again

Apparently not satisfied with the concentration of garbage water that is her existence, Lynn Beyak decided to one-up her prior remarks about calling on the survivors of colonial genocide to seek out the silver lining from their circumstances, by insisting the LGBT Community wouldn’t have to suffer discrimination if only we stuffed ourselves back in the closet.

During a debate over a trans human rights law.

Last week, Beyak, during a debate on C-16, the transgender rights bill, went on a bizarre rant bemoaning that the radicals of the gay movement expect “all of Canada to be their closet.”

I–what? What? I can’t.

She continued to pine for a happier time when folks like her simply didn’t have to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that gay people exist because they weren’t flaunting their homosexuality in her face.

“By living in quiet dignity, they have never had to face any kind of discrimination or uncomfortable feelings,” she said, without a hint of irony. “I would assert that is how the vast majority of the LGBT community feels.”

“Quiet dignity.” That’s some real good Christian doublespeak you’ve got going there.

Fuck me. When did we start importing neanderthals from Texas? Get this lady all the chairs so she can sit the fuck down.



  1. says

    Wait, you queers never wanted equal rights? You actually preferred being subject to discrimination, at risk of losing your job, people sending you away from the bedside of your beloved and finally having to see them buried as good christian bachelors after you shared hearth and bed for 30 years?
    Why didn’t you say so?

  2. militantagnostic says

    By living in quiet dignity

    Maybe Senator Lynn Beyak should practice some “quiet dignity” herself.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    Well, I for one would be a much happier camper if she went into a closet, closed the door, and …. that’s it really.