Last class today; I’m not giving any finals, but I do have some term papers coming in on Monday evening. I’m wrapping this thing up in short order.

This week my eco devo course has been nothing but student presentation. I encouraged them all to be creative, and one student gave us a grand finale with a song. Here it is!

Hex here! And welcome to “hi I made another song for a school project because I can” 2 electric boogaloo.

Context for the regulars on this channel, the Ecological Development class I’m taking this semester has some rather lax requirements in that like- It has to be 15-20 minutes, but I could do music and such.

So I’m doing a presentation on allergens because I discovered I’m allergic to cats and wanted to know WHY when I’ve been around cats all my life. Sadly, my research didn’t give me any good news, and in fact I might’ve developed worse allergies from being around so many cats for a solid 18 years of my life before spending the past few years in college.

As for this song? Basically me incorporating some of my research into a song that’s basically me being like “WHY AM I ALLERGIC TO CATS WHEN I LOVE THEM SO MUCH???”

Anyways, now onto the classmates who might be watching this. Hello! These aren’t humans singing. They’re vocal synthesizers! The feminine vocal is Mai, and the masculine vocal on the harmonies is Kevin. I had no reason to pick them other than Mai is cute and then Kevin gets used for memes.

If y’all are curious about exploring my channel or commenting, just remember to avoid breeching my privacy when you do. I do not share any of my personal information like my name on this channel for safety reasons.


  1. robro says

    Nice job for your student, PZ. Did you intend for the class to have “lax requirements”?

    As for loving cats but allergic to them, that’s my partner. Cats and dogs. Used to be cats, but these days it’s dogs…Guide Dogs in training to be specific…but she has pretty intense allergies to both. She’s also really into native plants, and right now the oak are in bloom and the pollens are driving her crazy.

  2. John Morales says

    [“School’s out for summer
    School’s out forever
    I’m bored to pieces” — Song by Alice Cooper, 1972]

  3. says

    After watching that video, I was directed to “Real reason Nazis fled to Argentina after WW2.” Either there’s some weird coincidence of keywords, or YouTube’s algorithm needs a bit of work.

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