Good news Tuesday: Alberta to boost affordable housing programs by $18M

Mostly for the sake of my admittedly precarious sanity, I’m starting a Good News ____day series in which I will share positive news (or find positive news, if I have to).

Today’s issue of Good News blankday: Albertan government to expand affordable housing program by $18 million in partnership with the federal government.

Sigurdson made the funding announcement Wednesday morning at Bridgeland Place.

Owned by the City of Calgary and operated by the Calgary Housing Company, Bridgeland Place will receive $648,000 for suite renovations, replacing shut-off valves, a roof inspection and sidewalk replacement.

Similar projects will take place in more than 120 buildings in Calgary for seniors, community and special needs housing, owned or operated by 29 social housing providers.

Sigurdson noted that Alberta is one of only three provinces without an affordable housing strategy.

Coun. Brian Pincott, who is also chair of the Calgary Housing Company, said the repair costs are higher than they should be, as funding from governments hasn’t kept up.

He welcomes the injection of funds.

“For the first time, at the provincial, municipal and federal levels, we have government partners who are understanding that this isn’t really about bricks and mortars and how we build buildings, this is actually how do we support people,” he said.

The funding was made available through the 2016 – 2018 Social Infrastructure Fund, a two-year federal and provincial agreement to help Albertans in need of affordable housing.

Hopefully our provincial government will plug the gap in our senior/disability housing plans. Still, this is a much needed start!