9 dead in German market square attack

9 confirmed dead so far in an attack on a Berlin market square along with approximately 50 injuries.

A lorry ran off road and into a Christmas festival on Monday night in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin, Germany. BBC reported the death toll at nine, while Reuters reports up to 50 additional injuries.

Police are still investigating to confirm the driver’s motivation. The driver is still alive and was arrested near the scene.

Kindly refrain from speculating at this point.



  1. says

    Something beyond speculation:

    – The arrested suspect is free again. Turns out he has nothing to do with it, but he’s Pakistani so that’s enough.
    -Isis has claimed responsibility. That’s taken with a grain of salt as it is easy to say “we did this, we’re powerful”
    -There’s a new suspect with ties to Salafists. Apparently they found some documents in the truck that belong to this man.
    -DEath toll is 12 by now
    -Of course the international far right and our ultra conservative shitheads are blaming Merkel and the refugees.
    – If you really want to know how badly 2016 is going, look at the fact that I am defending Angela Merkel