I’m doing well and god had nothing to do with it!

I feel like I’m starting a new chapter in life. For the past couple of days, I’ve been completely pain-free. I’m not tired, I’m not sore, and I feel really good. 

And I have a job interview next week!

This weekend we are having a garage sale. Our house has been so cluttered. It’s stifling. It feels so good to be getting rid of so much stuff! With everything we’ve been going through, it almost feels symbolic. Out with the old, in with the new!

I’ve been through so much shit the past couple of years, and things are finally looking up. I appreciate all the people who said they were praying for me, but god had nothing to do with it. I’m giving myself credit. I pulled through.

Humans are resilient creatures. We need to give ourselves credit. I’d love to hear some stories! What have you overcome in life? Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back! We made it!


  1. John Morales says

    Excellent news! Nice to see you perking up. And yes, credit is due.

    Do remember that pain-free is not necessarily fully recuperated, and you’re no spring chicken.

    (But: cheers!)

  2. Katydid says

    YAY, you! So glad you’re beyond the pain, but remember to keep doing your exercises to build up strength in your knee. Isn’t it amazing how the lack of pain feels SO GOOD? I bet your armpits appreciate not having crutches, too.

    You don’t need to hear my stories; be proud of yourself and your support system (husband, daughter, etc.) for getting through.

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