When I sit in the quiet
because I didn’t pay my cable bill
I realize I truly have
everything I need
but it feels like nothing at all.

My belly is full,
my house is warm,
and tomorrow is another day at work.

I’m riding in the last car
of a rickety old rollercoaster
barely hanging on
with the whitest knuckles.
The track goes nowhere
and we’ll never come to a complete stop.

Payday is never promised
but we’ll continue the ride
til darkness swallows us whole.

My daughter says all the flowers I draw look sad so I thought I would put this with my sad poem.


  1. Katydid says

    That was a sad poem, and sorry you’re going through this. Your flower does look sad, with its downturned top petal and the petals on the side throwing up their hands in despair. Your daughter is a smart, tuned-in girl!
    As I sit here typing on the internet, I’m wondering if you could turn this situation around a bit so it’s less frustrating and depressing? Could you use the cable-less time to go on a “data diet”? I’m not sure about your ability to spend time outside–didn’t the midwest just go through a blizzard? But you and your daughter could have your own art show, and walk your husband through your creations. It might boost your mood. Or spend some quality time with your cats and your guinea pigs–can you go to your library and get child-centered books on pets and share them with your daughter?

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