Letting You Go (More Rage Poetry)

Letting You Go


My pen is my voice
and my fight has not dwindled.

Tears, rage, and sleepless nights –
you wasted my time and energy.

You broke my heart
but not my spirit.

Your bullshit will only exist
in my rearview mirror.

Your judgment belongs in a waste bin
and I’m taking out the trash.

I’m reclaiming my life.
You no longer have a place in my tired brain.

Empowerment comes
from letting you go.


  1. Katydid says

    Betting this is related to your last post, the extended-family member who’s telling lies about you?

    I like the directness and the short sentence structure. When putting toxic people out of your life, shorter is better.

    • ashes says

      Holy shit! Unfortunately it doesn’t really surprise me. I have never heard of this guy. He must be from a different district. That is so sad.

  2. Katydid says

    Quick summary: “Hurr-durr, wimmens be FAT and LAZY that’s why they’re dying in childbirth!”

    Quick comment: Serena Williams nearly died in childbirth. She’s a world-class athlete, and she is neither fat nor lazy. However, when she realized she had a pulmonary embolism and told the doctors, they ignored her.

    All the developed countries have people who are overweight. The USA has a maternal mortality rate that is higher than many developing countries where people are starving. Clearly weight isn’t the major problem; it’s lack of health care, and lack of doctors who pay attention when their female patients tell them something is wrong.

    But it’s just so easy to blame women for societal problems inflicted on them.

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