Wishes for My Daughter’s Future

A Mother’s Wishes for Her Daughter

  1. I wish you love yourself as much as you love others. 
  2. I wish you take risks. 
  3. I wish you try new things.
  4. I wish you respect the planet more than the generations before you.
  5. I wish you are kind to others even though the world is cruel.
  6. I wish you have control over your own body.
  7. I wish you eat and not feel guilty about it.
  8. I wish you always know you’re beautiful and that beauty is more than your appearance. 
  9. I wish you find love.
  10. I wish you find passion.
  11. I wish you realize all emotions are valid and often expose your needs.
  12. I wish you see others’ voices as important as your own.
  13. I wish you follow your own path.
  14. I wish you find strength in any pain you experience.
  15. I wish you find success in whatever way you define it.
  16. I wish you always stay informed.
  17. I wish you always vote.
  18. I wish you never lose your love for books.
  19. I wish you accept your flaws and be realistic about the things you want to change.
  20. I wish you’re healthy – mentally and physically.
  21. I wish you’re happy and that you find happiness in your own way.
  22. I wish you get to travel.
  23. I wish you listen to your mind and body and give them what they need.
  24. I wish you are gentle with yourself.
  25. I wish you learn from our family’s story.
  26. I wish your thirst for knowledge never stops and that you learn as much as you can.
  27. I wish when you see others struggling you lift them up.
  28. I wish you realize that all people have more in common than not.
  29. I wish you always see others’ experiences as valid.
  30. I wish you always know I love you.


What would you add to the list?


  1. Katydid says

    What a great list! Now I wish I’d been able to verbalize such a list.

    Children are amazing; once you hold your child in your arms, suddenly you understand how you want the world for them.

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