One Skein.

That patch of very dark brown? That’s one skein. (Approx. 1 x 2″) There are a couple of bald spaces though, so time to pre-wash another skein of DMC 3371, because it’s prone to colour bleed. That takes me to 163 skeins used. Back to work!

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  1. kestrel says

    OK. Gotta ask: what do you use to wash your skeins? When I was working with fiber a lot I used… I know it sounds weird…. Dawn dishwashing detergent. Some chemist had done an analysis of the best fiber washing product (Synthrapol) and Dawn, and found them chemically the same… so I switched to Dawn and man did I save a lot of money, Synthrapol was expensive! So I always wonder… what do you use? **shrugs** Yeah, I’m a little weird.

  2. says

    That doesn’t sound weird at all! I never went for the synthrapol or other ‘specialist’ stuff, most of it is just hype with huge price tag. I use Johnson & Johnson No More Tears baby shampoo. It’s great for cleaning paintbrushes, too.

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