Aauugh, Some People…

As I noted earlier, back into my stash of vintage thread (deliciously fat, fluffy threads, with such luster!), selected two DMC Mouliné Special, and a Star Six Strand, and look what someone did, decades ago! Oy. Treat your thread well, and don’t wrap wire around it, twisted all about in the strands. Auuugh. Oh gods, they put on cello tape too! Double Auuugh.

Oh, all that ill treatment was to secure this to the skein:

© C. Ford.


  1. blf says

    Now you also have some vintage cello tape and vintage wire twists to add to your vintage stuffs collections. Win, win, win!

    (This makes me wonder if you have a vintage rat collection? And the mildly deranged penguin volunteers to eat vintage cheeses collections off you.)

  2. says

    That kind of vintage I can do without! No, no vintage rats, unless you place the two year olds in that category.

  3. says


    Oh, I understand thriftiness, but there is no excuse to treat embroidery thread that way. That Skein would have cost around 15 Cents, serious money, so thrifty, yes, but there’s no reason to damage the rest of it.

  4. kestrel says

    I feel your pain. Sometimes I get this with horsehair. I ask people to put a rubber band around it, but apparently, rubber bands are in desperate shortage or terribly expensive in some places, and instead I’ve had them wrap duct tape around it. Even a piece of string would be better; and sometimes, that bundle of hair has been sitting around for the longest time and all that gooey glue has migrated onto the hair. Blah, what a mess.

  5. says

    Kestrel, duct tape? Oh, uurrggh, no, no. It’s not as if elastic hair bands are some incredibly rare commodity. Between my long hair, and Rick’s long hair, we must have hundreds of elastic bands in the house!

    Dunc, whoever committed the travesty is long dead by now, so I shall forgo the hanging. And the drawing and quartering.

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