Not a Masterpiece Sheathed

I have realized that I did not show this on Affinity, only on Instagram. With all that is going on, I haven’t done any actual work in my workshop for weeks now, but this one was finished months ago. In the end, I have decided to make a simple, unadorned sheath for my Not a Masterpiece knife. I decided to do that because I felt in the end that an overly decorated sheath would needlessly distract from the beautiful woodgrain in the handle. The striker and ferrocerium rod have simple stainless steel handles. The bronze caught patina, which was to be expected. It does require some maintenance to remain shiny.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size

The full set is for sale in the Knife Shoppe.


  1. flex says

    I kind of like to see a little patina.

    Areas which have a light patina get polished when used, which helps to show how the tool is held. Knowing how the tool is held gives it additional character. A pristine tool, without wear patterns, suggests it’s more of a trophy than a tool. It still may be nice to look at, but it lacks the interest of the hand which held it. I have a number of tools which I use only once every couple years to so, for specialty jobs. They have the beauty of clean design for functionality. But my grandfather’s machete, which I still use for clearing brush, has the additional beauty of having been used for 70 years. It’s just a stamped steel, GI machete which my Grandfather’s brother brought back from the Pacific in WWII, but it has acquired beauty with it’s history.

    Of course, the tools you are making and selling are pristine and beautiful. They haven’t been used yet and I wouldn’t expect to see wear patterns, But the tools you make are also so functional that I expect that in 2-3 years every tool you have sold will be even more beautiful (at least in my eyes) because they will have been lovingly used.

    And here I go again, writing paragraphs where a sentence would do. I like to see a little patina.

  2. Jazzlet says

    I agree with flex, I like to see the patina of use. And I think you are right an elaborate sheath decoration would detract from the beautiful wood of the handle. The whole is functional and handsome.

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