The Art of …

… illlustration, by Swedish artist Carl Larsson

Larssen is well known for his idyllic portrayals of family life, and this inviting watercolour is typical of his style. The day is steeped in bright yellow sunshine, and the warm colour palette is both charming and welcoming. The family is relaxed and at ease, including the dog, who is calmly focused on some tidbit on the table. The youngest child has turned to face the viewer, and her expression is open and seems to be saying, “Hello. What are you doing all the way over there? Won’t you come and join us.” Why there’s even an empty chair inviting the viewer to sit down.


Breakfast under the Big Birtch, 1895, Carl Larsson. Image from Wikiart.


  1. flex says

    Those bottles under the birch may explain why Papa isn’t at brekkers….

    Just kidding. It’s a nice piece.

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