1. Jazzlet says

    Nope it’s contemplating which of Charly’s fruit to eat. I hates them I do, if we don’t net our brassicas the wood pigeons round here destroy them. Honestly between them and the squirrels (no walnuts for us again this year due to the furry little bastards) I wish I could have a small caliber gun suitable for killing them. I’d be happy to eat them, or give them to Jake to eat, I wouldn’t just kill them.

  2. says

    They’re huge. We have a flock of them in the woods behind the house and in winter they come to the garden for feed. But they’re also pretty chicken shit and a determined robin (robins are assholes) will chase away the whole flock.

  3. says

    @Jazzlet, I do not have any fruit this year, and no walnuts either. Not because of birds, or squirrels, but because when the trees were in bloom all blossoms froze in a late-spring frost.
    I did not know you are so bloodthirsty :-). These birds are indeed big and definitively edible (they are game animals), but in CZ all birds are protected under the law, and game birds can only be hunted in season and only by registered game-keepers/hunters.
    They are hunted with shotguns, but I think a slingshot should be able to do the job too. But whilst I will hit a vole with a shovel if I get the opportunity without hesitation, I do not intend to break the law and start killing birds, even if they started to wreak havoc in my garden.

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