A Near Lethal Dose of Cute

Nightjar has sent us photos of her Guinea Pigs and they are totally adorable.

I’ve had these three guinea pigs for three years now and I’m not sure why I never thought of sharing them before. They are three females, Grace is the mom and shortly after Isis and Luna were born I decided to give away their dad to a friend/neighbour for, uh, reasons that I don’t think I have to explain. Oh, did I say “shortly after”? It was enough for Luna to get pregnant, and then I had to find a home for her babies too. They are adorable, but it’s the kind of adorable that multiplies exponentially. (Bonus points to whoever can guess where their names come from – they are thematically related, but I admit the references are probably a bit too obscure.)

Grace, Luna and Isis, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Grace, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Isis, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved

Luna, ©Nightjar, all rights reserved


  1. Nightjar says

    This is nothing compared to when they try to stand on their hind legs begging for veggies/fruit every morning. I should have taken the photos before giving them what they wanted. Maybe next time. :)

  2. voyager says

    I must concur with amts -- Isis has the most amazing hair-do.

    Anytime you want to send in more photos of your girls, I will happily post them.

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