Teacher’s Corner: In case you’ve been wondering…

In plain text, for when Twitter fucks up.

A teacher’s day:
We write a class test. A student goes to the toilet. he returns 5 min later, sweaty and out of breath. There’s dog shit on his shoes. He smears it all over the floor, 2 chairs and a table.

The first kids finish the test. I tell a student to stay in his seat and not talk to another student (I told them to bring something to occupy themselves with) because others are still writing. He yells at me and runs out of the room. Everything smells of dog shit

I spend my break supervising the dog shit student. He has no explanation for how this happened. I need to call his mum.

I’m supporting a trainee teacher. After he tells some students to stay after the bell has rung, one of them kicks my rucksack. I spend my next break coaching the young colleague on classroom management.

School’s over, but I still have a parent teacher talk scheduled. After the parent doesn’t arrive, my colleague phones him. He thought it was in an hour! He’s on his way. I use the opportunity to go to another parent teacher talk. I should really be in two places at once.

Talks went well, parents have gone home. I phone the mum of the temper tantrum kid. She more or less throws her own tantrum. Her poor boy is always picked on! Teachers never do anything about the things the kid doesn’t tell us because teachers never do anything. Makes sense

It’s three o’clock now. My breakfast is still in front of me. I really need to write a report but thankfully my principal postpones the meeting until Monday. And it’s not even the worst day of the week. Except for the dog shit.


  1. Nightjar says

    Ugh. As overworked as I am at the moment… I do not envy you (but I do admire you). At least I’m just here, sitting at a desk with my headphones and trying to keep track of I don’t even know how many deadlines. But no dog shit. Yay.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I think the only major problem described here that I could deal with any kind of success would be the dog shit in itself. And i’m not minimizing the nastiness of the shit, but that’s the thing can be dealt with “tools” I understand.

    My respect for you.

  3. voyager says

    Yup, Ice Swimmer nailed my thoughts, too. Cleaning up shit is easy. Dealing with people’s shit is not.

    Teachers are special people. Special Ed teachers are superheros.

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