A (seemingly) Big and Beautiful Spider

Avalus has sent us some wonderful photos of a spider he found in his parent’s garden.  Photos are under the fold and you can click for full size.

…Then there was this spider, patiently waiting for prey.

©Avalus, all rights reserved

©Avalus, all rights reserved


Edit: title updated to add the word ‘seemingly,’ June 5/19 (please see the comments below)


  1. voyager says

    Yes, it does look bigger than that! I was approximating its size in scale with the leaves, which must be smaller than I thought. It really did look large to me. I will make a slight adjustment to the title. (I occasionally suck at titles.)

  2. avalus says

    @ Jazzlet:
    *whispers* True! I meant to write “from the perspective of a small insect” ie prey, but I got lazy. So it was deserved to whisper me out. :D

    Thank you voyager!

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