Jack’s Walk

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We had sunshine today! It didn’t last long and by the time Jack and I got outside it had gone behind the clouds again, but I saw it. And it was a grand, blinking beacon of hope in the long tunnel of winter. This photo was taken at Pittock Lake. It’s part of a water management system and the water level in the lake is lowered every year over the winter. During the rest of the year the water line is up near the trees. Normally what little water remains in January is frozen over, but so far not much has been normal about this winter. You can just see the dam on the horizon line at the right.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    There is a sense of quietness in the picture. The sun shining through the clouds is giving a bit of hope in the scenery that is in suspended animation, the life is waiting for the spring. Still there is beauty (the reflections), but it is not the joyous kind of beauty.

  2. rq says

    I love the reflection and the arc of the shoreline. The sun is a hint of better things to come -- as Ice Swimmer says, a waiting in progress, like coccoons, definitely not ready for hatching yet.

  3. Nightjar says

    I think this image has a very moody atmosphere, I love it. And I agree with rq, the reflections and the arc of the shoreline are wonderful.

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