Having a Snack

Fall is coming near and spiders are starting to gather in the house. I do not mind certain amount of spiders in the house, but the webs have to be cleaned up occasionally. So when there is too much webs (that is, when they start to be easily visible – I do not wait for them to hang so low that I have to wade through them) I collect as many spiders as I can into a glass and carry them outside, and then take a broom to the webs.

Bellow the fold you can see why I tolerate spiders in the house to a certain extent.

I do not know whether I am actually allergic to wasp stings, because I was stung only once and by an american species. And allergic reaction is usually to the second sting and furhter the difference in venom might be big enough for european species counting as first sting as well. However from my american experience I remember that wasp stings hurt as hell, so wasps, unlike spiders, are not tolerated in the house and are dealt with with prejudice. And this time a spider had spared me the trouble before I came home.

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  1. kestrel says

    What a good spider! I don’t think the house spiders at my house have the wherewithal to tackle a wasp. They’re death on flies, though, and this time of the year the flies start desperately trying to get indoors because it’s already starting to get cold at night.

  2. Nightjar says

    That is a fascinating picture. Spiders are awesome.

    I tolerate wasps inside the house, I just give them a little help finding their way out. I was stung by wasps on 3 occasions, all as a kid, but I don’t fear them. First time I was climbing a tall loquat tree and the wasp somehow got inside my trousers without me noticing it. When I leaned against the trunk the wasp felt pressured between my skin and my trousers and did what it had to do. I don’t remember if the wasp survived, but I remember how painful it was. I had to come down from the tree on my own and walk all the way back home with a swollen leg hurting like hell. The other two times it was my cousin’s fault for disturbing a paper wasp nest. I was just a bystander but wasps don’t make such distinctions, both of us ended up being stung multiple times. And we discovered that thankfully neither of us is allergic…

  3. rq says

    There’s a poem by Mervyn Peake this reminds me of, though I can’t find it online. Anyway, it’s got this great pair of lines in it that goes something like, ‘but his love was the wrong kind of love, for he loved them only to eat them up’.

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