A change for Submissions

Giliell’s post of earlier today noted that we want Affinity to continue being a community gathering place and that your submissions are an important part of this blog. We want to see your photos and artwork, hear your stories and share what matters to you so we have set up a new mailbox and are ready to receive whatever you want to send. Charly, Giliell and I will be sharing this mailbox so it would be helpful if you could tag your submissions with a topic such as trees, birds, flora, recipes or Tummy Thursday. If your submission doesn’t fit one of those categories be creative with your tags and we’ll figure out where it goes. The new email is:


and it has been linked in the sidebar. I’ve tested it out and it’s working for me, but if you have any difficulties with the link please let us know. We’re looking forward to seeing what you have for us.


  1. rq says

    Will take note. I have some trees, flowers and insects, and also some of my own art, if that’s interesting to anyone.

  2. Kreator says

    Thank you! Last week I discovered a new mural by Román Cura. It was hidden in plain sight in a place I pass by frequently, so I don’t understand how could I miss it. Finding it so late made me quite sad, especially because it was in a rare good condition. But, I’ll be sending it soon anyway.

  3. Nightjar says

    There are two submissions I had sent to Caine a little before learning she was in the hospital and that I will never know if she saw them or not. One was roses, the other little barn swallows. I may resend them now. But I feel like the barberry shrub I planted for her should take priority…



    What little I have seen of your art I have enjoyed a lot, I’d definitely love to see more. Tree, flowers and insects sound good too. Oh I have so many butterflies, bees, moths and flies to share! The zinnias and strawflowers are attracting all the bugs. All of them.

  4. voyager says

    Everything is welcome and flora and fauna are popular favorites.
    We look forward to seeing another of your mural studies by this artist.
    We’d like to see it all, but the barberry shrub planted for Caine would be welcome right now

  5. Nightjar says

    I sent photos of the shrub yesterday, I hope they arrived.

    Just a question to make sure before I send anything else, the rule for resizing is 1600 on the long edge, right?

    Also, I have a lot of birds in my archives and I’d be more than happy to help with the new weekly bird features if needed, but I don’t want to clutter the inbox. I will keep sending new photos as I take them but if you ever need more material for those features let me know, that is something I can definitely help with. If you ever consider having a weekly feature dedicated to flowers I can help with that too, all year round, there is never a shortage of flowers (but that’s just an idea, and I understand if you all prefer not to add yet more weekly features).

  6. voyager says

    Your shrub photos arrived and were perfectly ready for posting. Thanks. They will be up tomorrow morning. I’m trying to give priority to tributes to Caine right now, but I always love to see your photos, especially your flowers so please send away. Maybe not too much all at once, though. We’re still trying to find our feet.

  7. Nightjar says

    Charly and voyager,

    Thank you. I won’t send all at once, and I understand some time is required for the three of you to set the blog at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  8. Ice Swimmer says

    I sent a photo/post series. Did all zip packages arrive intact?

    Having sent the stuff (about 50 pictures with writeups), I realize that you asked people not to send too much at a time. I’m sorry, I should have remembered.

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