Jack’s Walk

Perce Rock…going…

…and gone.

Fog is pretty common in Perce and it shows up at any darned time of the day. One minute it’s sunny and the next minute there’s a thick fog. When Jack and I set out this morning the sun was shining and the air was warm and clear, but by the time we got to the beach (a 5 minute walk) the fog was thick and there was a cool breeze. I like the film noire feeling of walking in the fog so Jack and I set out as usual down North Beach where suddenly the Perce Rock disappeared in the mist.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Lovely fogtography.

    The veil of fog wraps around the rock and engulfs it.

    Summer light and fog results in pleasant and dreamy pictures.

  2. rq says

    Moody and noir! I love the monochromatic feel. And there’s creatures lurking out there…

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