A brand new feature: Tree Tuesday

There’s a new feature starting today at Affinity and we’re calling it Tree Tuesday. The idea came in response to all the interesting photos Caine has been posting lately of the trees near the cancer center she attends. They’ve been so enjoyable that I think it would be fun to see more trees from lots of different places.

The idea is as straight-forward as the name suggests and we want your submissions. Any tree is fair game so grab your camera or dig through your stash and send those photos in. Submitting is easy, but a bit different from the usual route for other things. Send your tree photos to me, voyager, at mameow2@rogers.com. The address is also on the sidebar now so I’m easy to find.

Caine and I will continue to post trees on other days as usual, but Tree Tuesday is a sure bet and the day when your tree photos take center stage. Thanks and happy snapping.

Waiting for Halloween, ©voyager, all rights reserved



  1. says

    Wow, you have some of the most amazing trees. I always want to visit them. I am really looking forward to this series, thank you so much for a grand idea.

  2. says

    That is a wonderful tree.

    I suspect the growth is not all natural. It looks like someone braided some twigs when it was young

  3. Nightjar says

    Oooh, what a great idea! I don’t have many tree photos, and the ones I have tend to be all with the same perspective, leaning on the trunk and shooting up. Like in that cork oak photo from a while back. I think that’s because where I live I couldn’t get a good background otherwise, there is always too much clutter and it’s hard to frame a tree picture without having ugly buildings and wires behind it. So I shoot up, against the sky.

    Anyway, I will both look in my archives and keep this feature in mind in future photo walks! :)

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