1. says

    Oh, oh I’m in love! My fave walking stick, which Rick made is from our Juniper, and it’s covered with insect hieroglyphics. I love that stick to pieces. This wood would make a fantastic stick!

    What a grand photo, thank you.

  2. Kreator says

    Hey, does anyone remember Rukan and Krunik, the Dwarven frenemies? I wonder what they’ve been up to…

    “Come on, Rukan, quit staring at that trunk! I’m bored!”
    “Just one more minute, Krunik. I’d like to finish reading this poem.”
    “Bah! Insect poetry! Big deal. It’s just wood this, leaves that, and predatory bird metaphors. Their metric is uneven and their rhymes, when they bother with them, are forced as hell.”
    “Oh wow, I didn’t know you were interested in poetry, Krunik. I remember hearing you say that all literature was a waste of time.”
    “Well, what can I say? There was a time in which I wasn’t as enlightened as I am today. I used to study a lot of this crap when I was younger, until I read the book that changed my life. I knew that nothing before or since could achieve its level of greatness, so I abandoned my plans to become a writer and got into business. Then I failed and ended up here with you. But one day I’ll get back in the game and I’ll become a millionaire, you’ll see.”
    “Oh yeah, I remember when you told me about your venture with the tulip bulbs back in the Netherlands. You arrived, like, two centuries late, partner… Anyway! Do tell, which was this miraculous book that influenced you so much?”
    “Haven’t I mentioned it before? It’s Snow White Shrugged.”
    “Do I detect some mockery in your voice, Rukan? I knew you wouldn’t understand.”
    “No, it’s okay, pal. Never mind. Just give me a second. And… there, I’m done. Wow, what a nice poem. That last verse was particularly striking.”
    “So… are we ready to leave, then?”
    “Yes, yes, just one last look. I want to take this all in.”
    “Oh, rotten mushrooms…”
    “All right, let’s go you sourpuss. So, do you want to tell me about your big plans for the future?”
    “You make fun of me now, Rukan, but I’m about to make it big, I’m sure. You see, I’m starting to invest in the latest technologies and advancements in finance. Let me tell you a bit about leafcoin…”

  3. Kreator says

    Thanks voyager, I’m glad to hear that. I’ve actually been waiting for an opportunity to bring back these two for quite a while, and this may not be the last you read about their misadventures.

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