Sunday Facepalm: AFSS.

Remember Space Force? Oh, AFSS: Amerikka First Space Strategy! Yeah. The Fucking Idiot thinks he’s on to something here.

The White House on Friday unveiled President Donald Trump’s “America First” space strategy, only 10 days after the commander in chief called for a Space Force to militarize low Earth orbit.

“The Trump administration’s National Space Strategy prioritizes American interests first and foremost, ensuring a strategy that will make America strong, competitive, and great,” the plan claims.

The plan officially includes Trump’s promised focus on militarization of space.

I haven’t yet gone and inspected the great plan. Haven’t had enough tea yet. There might not be enough tea for this one. Oh yes, screw science or trying to fix anything here on the planet, the most important thing ever is a dick waving contest in space. I’m imagining the Tiny Tyrant at his desk with a coke and greasy fries, playing with Lego’s Star Wars.

“Trump’s National Space Strategy recognizes that our competitors and adversaries have turned space into a warfighting (sic) domain. While the United States would prefer that the space domain remain free of conflict, we will prepare to meet and overcome any challenges that arise,” the space strategy reads. “Under the President’s new strategy, the United States will seek to deter, counter, and defeat threats in the space domain that are hostile to the national interests of the United States and our allies.”

“Warfighting”, because I guess war isn’t descriptive or clear enough. You want “space domain” to remain conflict free? Easy, stay out of it. Plenty to do planetside, y’know. What fucking threats? Has the empire shown up? Space invaders from Mars? We have plenty of war threats right here on good old Terra Firma. I’d like to see those avoided, but that’s no doubt a forlorn hope.

Space wars are one of the four pillars of the new America First space strategy.

Space Wars! First thing, you’re gonna have to rebrand, you would not believe the amount of things with the name Space Wars attached. Don’t want to get lost in the shuffle or anything.

“Strengthen deterrence and warfighting (sic) options: We will strengthen U.S. and allied options to deter potential adversaries from extending conflict into space and, if deterrence fails, to counter threats used by adversaries for hostile purposes,” the plan directs.

This would be bafflegab for “Donny really really wants to play with nukes!”, right? I have to wonder if making for real light sabers is part of the plan somewhere…

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  1. says

    I think it’s just that the defense/industrial complex have realized that they have an idiot on their hands and are going to sell him every damn gimcrack in the catalog, while they are desperately making up a new expanded catalog of gimcracks most of which don’t exist yet -- but all of which are very very expensive.

  2. says

    I’m sure they’ll happily take advantage, but in fairness, this did originate with the Fucking Idiot. We already have the spectre of at least two more wars hanging overhead, but that’s not enough, no, we must militarise space!

  3. says

    They have wanted to militarize space for a long time. They were even talking about military moon bases back in the 50s. It’s just that cooler heads have prevailed: that shit’s too expensive for anyone but a complete lame-brain. Well, now that we have president lame-brain they are sitting up and starting to drool.

  4. says

    Yeah, that’s the thing, it was always talk and white male fantasies run amok, which ran headlong into reality. Reality has taken one big turn for the worse. The rest of the planet can’t be feeling sanguine about this latest idiocy.

  5. Dunc says

    Remind me… Aren’t you guys still dependent on the Russians to get people to and from the ISS, since you canned your own manned spaceflight capabilities? Seems to me that cooperation in space has been going pretty well…

  6. jrkrideau says

    @ 4
    The rest of the planet can’t be feeling sanguine about this latest idiocy.
    No, I suspect we are not but none of the rest of the planet has been feeling sanguine about Cadet O. Bonespur more than a week after he took office and we realized that the buffoonery, racism and general stupidity had not been hyped up to get votes. That was the “real” Donald we had been seeing during the campaign. Aargh!

    @ 5 Dunc
    Cadet Bonespurs is not going to let reality interfere.

    NAFTA was going well. The Iran nuclear agreement was puttering along nicely, trade with South Korea was going well, the Paris Accord was a significant achievement…. Trade with China was okay.

    Oh, I just saw something “funny” on RT

    US demands China reconsider ‘catastrophic’ ban on importing foreign garbage & recyclables
    Amid fears of a potentially devastating trade war between the US and China, Washington has urged Beijing not to implement the ban on US garbage and recyclable materials that Asia’s giant threatened to impose last July.

    Washington’s demand came a day after President Donald Trump ordered the US Trade Representative (USTR) to levy tariffs on at least $50 billion of Chinese imports.

    Duh, start trade war, forget to take out the garbage.

    Nothing like gutting the State Department and letting an bankrupted idiot take over international trade negotiations.
    It is some kind of black comedy.

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