Merry Christmas: Outlawed!1!!

Oh, look – christian ornaments! Via Amazon.

Jim Bakker. Again. In light of his latest round of bullshit, I missed this little whiny complaint. Along with screaming for people to buy his yuck inna bucket, he’s also been busy hawking christmas crap, ornaments, cheap gifts for too much money, and so on.

Bakker said that he has been searching for Christmas ornaments that feature Jesus instead of Santa because Christmas “is the birthday of Jesus Christ” and complained that he wants to be able to buy a Christmas tree instead of a “holiday tree.”

“They outlawed ‘Merry Christmas’ a few years ago and you know it,” he said. “You couldn’t even say ‘Merry Christmas” at Walmart and the Walmart greeters told me they weren’t allowed to say it. But we all started writing and what did we do? We changed it. We changed it. We all worked together. You don’t have to lay down for it.”

Uh huh. It’s so easy to prove you’re a liar, Jim. I did a quick search for Jesus ornaments. There’s a veritable fucktonne of them. Interestingly enough, they are listed as available at Wal-mart. So are Christmas trees, the list of which goes on and on. You need to stop lying, Jim, it’s not nice. I think it’s a sin, too.

Saying Merry Christmas has never been outlawed, and you damn well know it. Wal-mart is a private corporation, and their rules do not apply to the whole country, you dipshit. There’s nothing stopping you saying Merry Christmas or whatthefuckever you want. If your big problem is not every single person in Ustates saying merry mixmush, you are privileged beyond belief, and need to shut the fuck up, and help those who are not so unbelievably privileged.

You aren’t remotely concerned with christmas, Jim. All you care about is selling your cheap gimrack, so you can stuff more money in your pockets. You’re all about Giftmas. Your ‘christmas’ tree has nothing to do with your idiotic religion. That’s pagan in origin. What would you being doing with one? And please, shut up about it already, it’s still six days until Brumalia, for pity’s sake.

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    Jim Bakker is living proof that F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong when he said “there are no second acts to American lives” -- Bakker’s like some eveready battery-powered shitweasel that keeps popping up wherever there’s a grift that needs to be grifted. He’s an innovator, too -- he’s blurring the lines between religious grifting and political grifting. He’s like some kind of hyper-virulent opportunistic infection.

  2. says


    He’s like some kind of hyper-virulent opportunistic infection.

    That he is, and the desperation comes off him like a tangible stench, he’s so damn afraid he might miss a penny or a power grab.

  3. lumipuna says

    So, apparently Walmart was lobbied into believing that a Christian greeting will offend the fewest people after all? Time to go after other retailers, straight until Christians are free again!

  4. says

    he’s so damn afraid he might miss a penny or a power grab.

    He’s rich enough that he ought to be off enjoying his loot in some nice resort with all the cocaine and big-haired floozies he can find. Why can’t these people just say “Enough!”

  5. blf says

    Christmas has been illegal — In England, 1447–1660 CE; and Plymouth (New England), 1620–1681 CE — Both bans where by xians themselves (puritans / pilgrims). Also, the xians themselves cannot even agree on the calendar to use, Georgian or Julian; as a result, there at least two different xian-observed days (for the xians who observe the festival / holiday). There has been, and still is, indeed, a war on christmas, waged by xians vs xians.

    And, as I pointed out recently in the Never-Ending Thread, some modern-day xians want to abandon (the word) christmas. So they can’t even agree what their own borrowed festival / holiday is called.

  6. Crimson Clupeidae says

    There was a time, very early on, that xians were actually persecuted. They have been in power for a couple of millennia now,but long to be able to claim persecution.

    Mind you, they don’t want to actually be persecuted, but just to make the claim.

    Also, hi, sorry I’ve been away so long. Missed this place.

  7. says

    Glad to see you back!

    Any persecution of early christians was minor compared to what they unleashed. They’re still helping to cause bloodshed all over the planet.

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