The Tiny Tyrant’s Vacancy Problem.

It seems that the Regime has a vacancy problem. A big one. Not only are appointments not being made, and many a key position left unfilled, it seems that all the qualified people don’t want to work for the Tiny Tyrant. Golly, I wonder why. Could it be people don’t want to be served up a shit sandwich at the Bates White House?

President Donald Trump’s volatile temperament, an intensifying investigation into his aides’ possible collusion with Russia, and his firing of FBI Director James Comey, have made it a challenge to recruit and fill top leadership posts across the government, according to the Washington Post.

The cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Trump administration has complicated what the Post described as an “already slow pace” in filling the government’s top ranks.

“Republicans say they are turning down job offers to work for a chief executive whose volatile temperament makes them nervous,” according to the Post, which interviewed 27 people — including federal officials, Republican party activists, lobbyists, as well as candidates who Trump officials have tried to recruit — as part of its investigation.

The White House told the Post it doesn’t have a hiring problem, and blamed the slow pace on the vetting process that each candidate must undergo before being announced publicly. But data cited by the Post shows that compared to Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Trump is lagging in confirmed appointees to senior posts: Trump currently has 43 appointees, compared to the 151 appointees by Obama as of mid-June of his first term, and 130 appointees by Bush.

Oh right, the vetting process. So, in plainer parlance, you can’t find people willing to get on their knees and sell themselves lock, stock, and barrel to the Tiny Tyrant. I guess there aren’t many people left who haven’t said something critical about Trump. Time to lower your standards, I’d think, to at least somewhat match the compleat lack of standards present in Trump.

Some vacancies, including the U.S. ambassador to Japan and the Navy secretary, became a diplomatic issue this weekend, as some criticized Trump’s delays for “leaving a communications vacuum” while the United States and Japan dealt with the collision of a container ship and a U.S. naval destroyer off the coast of Japan on Saturday.

Former Obama administration official Brandon Friedman told The Guardian that the U.S. ambassador to Japan and the Navy Secretary would have played key roles during the search, serving as communication links between the U.S. Navy and government officials from Japan and the United States.

“The USS Fitzgerald might sink off Japan and the US President can’t call our ambassador or our navy secretary because we have neither,” Friedman told The Guardian.

I expect the Tiny Tyrant cares about these veterans as much as all the others he has gone out of his way to disrespect and dismiss. The collapse of democracy might be slow, rather than explosive and showy, but it’s real, and the crushing weight of it is being felt by all of us.

Think Progress has the full story.


  1. kestrel says

    All I can say is, if there is anyone reading this blog who is qualified for these positions and considering it, don’t. You don’t want to have anything to do with a person like this (i.e., suspected NPD). People like this will simply drag you down and ruin your life, after a fair bit of drama. I’m not just guessing, here.

  2. says

    That’s the thing -- smart, qualified people don’t want any of the positions, and even if there are qualified people, if they’ve ever said one critical thing, they don’t pass the “vetting test”. Which leaves…?

  3. kestrel says

    Well, you have a point there, and to be honest, I do not personally have the impression he is going after smart, qualified people. I have the impression he is going after lackeys and toadies. However even lackeys and toadies would be ill-advised to seek positions with this guy, as he will no doubt ruin their lives as well. One would think you would never run out of lackeys and toadies, but this appears to be not so…

  4. says

    Oh yes, he’s after toadies, that’s what the “vetting” is all about. It’s already known that anyone who ever said one critical thing of Trump, ever, is disqualified, because they wouldn’t be loyal enough. It’s all about the loyalty, being willing to toss yourself into the black void of his narcissism.

  5. says

    I have the impression he is going after lackeys and toadies.

    I mean, have you seen that cabinet meeting?
    He needs ritualized confirmation of how fabulous he is. Whenever reality and self-image clash he starts yelling until reality goes away.

  6. Dunc says

    I suspect part of the problem may be that many of these positions offer limited opportunities for grifting, and therefore do not appeal to the only sort of people willing to put up with Trump.

  7. busterggi says

    I’m totally unqualified for any of these positions yet I’m pretty sure I would do better than anyone Trump would pick as I am used to having a job.

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