Half Baked Hearts.

Well. That was interesting. :D I set up six more hearts the other day, very light on the textile medium, and extremely light on the India Ink, just a few drops to each, as they spread in interesting ways, given a bit of time. They were well on the way to drying yesterday, and I was on the way to taking them out to sit in the heat of the day, when for no discernible reason, I decided to stick them in a fair low oven (300 F). Then I remembered something I had to do on Affinity, and got well distracted. By the time I remembered, it had been maybe 15, 20 minutes. I pulled the tray out, and saw some rather alarming bubbles, warping, and solid white bits. This is the result. Textile medium does some interestin’ stuff when heated, so have a care. The cupcake/muffin tin I’m using is an old one I used to use for soap making. The half baked hearts which came up with colours – that was left over from the previous batch of hearts, which I hadn’t bothered to scrape clean. Prior to the oven, they weren’t getting into these hearts. Obviously, the baking changed that. Also, don’t try this with any pan you actually like, or want to use for something useful, like food, because – the peeling was particularly difficult this time around, and a fair amount of the ‘non-stick’ surface came up off the pan, and is a part of the Half Baked Hearts now.

The photo is for shit, because fucking ticks. Four of them. On me. While trying to take photos. Click for full size.

© C. Ford, all rights reserved.


  1. johnson catman says

    I hate ticks. The hearts are interesting though. Glad you got some photos. Hope the ticks had not embedded themselves yet.

  2. says

    Oh no, they never got the chance. It does make me want to set fire to my property though. (I haven’t, and won’t.)

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