The Sex Life of Truffles.

Prices for a black truffle can exceed €1000 a kilogram, especially because this highly-sought after fungus—a gastronomic delicacy—still resists domestication. Researchers are trying to understand its particularly complex sexuality and the differences in lifestyles between a mother, who shelters the spores that we eat and a father who fertilizes her, without ever revealing himself…

I had no idea! Not that I can afford these anyway. Via CNRS News.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    It is possible to cause RichPeople to eat almost anything.
    Just present it as Exoticer™ than what yer neighbors got…

  2. rq says

    I bought my husband a book on truffle husbandry I think last year, because the conditions out in the country are pretty good for it, and also there is lots of space available. Watch this space, we’ll be millionaires in no time!

    This was an extremely interesting video, by the way. Mysterious truffles.

  3. kestrel says

    Mushrooms are so endlessly fascinating. I see they were using a dog to help find the truffles. Apparently, dogs do not like truffles, but through long and painstaking training can be taught to show people where they are in return for affection etc. That’s why the dog doesn’t try to eat the truffles they are pulling up in the video. (The spores of truffles are dispersed through the dung of the animals that eat them, and they have a very powerful scent that attracts animals to them.)

  4. rq says

    Apparently pigs are best for truffle hunting, but have the unfortunate habit of eating them, too.

  5. kestrel says

    @rq: Yes! It is so fascinating -- the truffles can exude pig sex hormone scents! I think that is amazing. So yes, pigs are very “excited” to hunt for truffles but you need to put a muzzle on them as they are hard to control.

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