1. Kengi says

    Your interspecies language skills are impressive. I’m very familiar with the grackle phrase for Caaaaaat! Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat! Caaaaaat!

    I love that wonderful magic trick in the last shot. Vanished, in a puff of seed. The seed flies up like that because of the vacuum formed when the grackle transfers to another dimension.

  2. says

    I can’t even describe what it’s like, watching a grackle eat bread. They stuff it down in masses, like little black holes devouring every tiny atom of breadness.

    I don’t know the Grackle for Caaaaaat, but I’m familiar with Haaaaaawk!

  3. Kengi says

    When a cat is around everyone starts yelling. Squirrel for Caaaaat! is almost identical to Grackle, and it’s difficult to tell the difference sometimes. And the Blue Jays get particularly riled up and vocal. They like to stay above the cat as it moves, flying from perch to perch, constantly yelling at it. If the cat moves toward the trees with the Jays nest at this time of year in the back yard, they will dive-bomb the cat, screeching just as it gets right overhead. Hysterical to watch when a cat freaks out and jumps. I never seem to have the camera ready for that.

    When a hawk is around, on the other hand, everything goes eerily quiet and still. If a Downy Woodpecker is on the peanut feeder, it positions itself exactly opposite of where the hawk is perching and freezes. I actually use the Downy to more easily spot where the hawk is in the trees.

    Recently my dad read a book about how you can tell what is going on around an area by watching and listening to the birds.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    When the cat-next-door got really old, she was mostly deaf and blind but she knew how to get the sunny spot beside the catnip plant.
    The magpies had to land and walk right up to her before she could perceive them.
    Her reaction was usually “meh”.
    The squirrels left her alone. They probably had legends passed down through generations because she was a squirrel killing machine in her youth.
    (I couldn’t get a preview of this.)

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