1. rq says

    I love the cardinal, that looks like some serious evasive action.
    The first jay, though, is sheer glory. And the last is missing an evil thought bubble. :D

  2. Kengi says

    Thanks. I’m becoming ever more amazed at just how flexible dinosaur wings are, and how many different ways they fold and bend. I kind of like the third one, which I got when pushing the focus out closer to the tree. It’s right after the jay had leaped (leapt?) off the branch.

    Still looking forward to borrowing my friend’s camera, but they just adopted a new cat so it may be awhile since it now has an urgent purpose.

  3. Kengi says

    Hmm. Looks like Caine has helpfully removed the EXIF info to obscure the location of my super-secret lair (I allow the camera to record the GPS data…) You can find the EXIF into at Flickr.

  4. Kengi says

    rq: Apparently there’s currently a shortage of cat pictures on the Internet, and my friend is going to do his part to help out.

  5. says

    Kengi, in your case, I don’t strip anything -- I download straight from your flickr. I don’t know why the exif gets stripped. Might be a function of how the blogs are set up.

  6. Kengi says

    Weird. I remember grabbing the EXIF info off one of Opus’ wonderful macro shots you posted and had no trouble seeing it. Not sure why the blog software hates my data. Unless it’s in on the conspiracy, of course.

  7. says

    That has to have something to do with the interaction of flickr and wordpress then, because Opus emailed me the photo, and I do my resizing in Irfan View, which supports EXIF data.

  8. Kengi says

    Thought it might have something to do with Flickr and me being logged in, but I see the EXIF even when I get a photo when not logged in (and using different browsers). Ah well, the mysteries of life (and the digital world). I blame it all on demons, of course.

  9. Kengi says

    Yup, a catspiracy. Just got an update and my friend hasn’t managed any decent pictures yet because the cat is still in hiding mode most of the time. And, to add injury to insult, one of the neighborhood cats just killed one of the blue jays in the front yard. *sigh*

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