And The Hole Gets Deeper…

The Unpresident returning from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. CREDIT: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster.

And a whole lot more batshit. The Tiny Tyrant is now what could be charitably described as wholly unglued. He seems to have decided that open threats are good, because hey, why not piss off the FBI? Even staunch rethuglicans are now cringing and diving for cover, as Donnie’s, um, swamposity goes full court florid.

James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

Jesus. Dude, everyone knows you’re doing a bit of “leaking” over the investigations, because you’re guilty. This sort of shit isn’t going to help. Well, it may help most of us here in uStates, because you’re doing an actually good job at getting the impeachment train going. So congrats on that one, I guess.

Naturally, the Twitterati are busy weighing in on this one, too. You can see more here.

More in the ongoing clusterfuck:

‘It’s complete bananas’: FBI agents rushing to complete Russia probe before ‘orange blob’ can kill it.

‘The president is not correct’: FBI sources dispute Trump claims about dinner meeting with Comey.

Trump whines it’s ‘not possible’ for busy White House to give information ‘with perfect accuracy’.

REVEALED: Trump demanded Comey’s loyalty one day after Yates informed the White House of Flynn’s FBI interview.

Trump demanded loyalty from FBI director James Comey — ‘Comey demurred’ and then he was fired: NYT.

What a fun way to start your Friday, eh?

Aaaaaaand, a bit more:

Comey furious over Trump team’s smear campaign — and he’s prepared to respond: report.

Comey eager for Trump to release those tapes: ‘There’s nothing he’s worried about’.


  1. says

    Was Trump who complained about Obama having him under surveillance making recordings of his meetings with Comey?

    I think all presidents make records and there are loads of Johnson and Nixon.

  2. naturalcynic says

    Tapes??? … and the ghost of Tricky Dick Nixon rolls over in his grave.
    Can anyone say subpoena?

  3. says

    Tapes??? … and the ghost of Tricky Dick Nixon rolls over in his grave

    Most presidents have recordings of their meetings; it’s perfectly legit part of the historical record. Nixon’s problem was that his tapes revealed him to be an antisemitic racist asshole. Actually, it wasn’t that, either. The famous missing bits of tape -- that Rose Marie Woods accidentally recorded over -- was the part where Nixon conspired to commit a crime. Presumably there are similar recordings of Bush conspiring to commit torture, and Obama conspiring to commit murder, etc.

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