In Which I Complain About Framing.

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I had the Tree Quilt out of the frame so I could cart it about and work on it yesterday, so time to frame it again. I got it all nice and smooth, only to realize I had it positioned completely wrong, with a stretch I couldn’t possibly make. Sigh. So, I have to reseat the whole damn thing again, which is a pain by yourself. Oh well. I’ll get it right eventually. I’m feeling remarkably … bouncy today, in spite of being exceedingly tender and sore. Meds and good sleep go a long way. So, I’ll go feed the birds, then tackle this again.


  1. AndrewD says

    Tut Tut Caine,”So, I’ll go feed the birds, then tackle this again”-any English person would go and have a cup of Tea and a chocolate biscuit.

  2. says

    And here I thought this was going to be about neuromarketing and you were going to get tone trolled by public relations people!

    That’s such a crazy amount of work I can’t think clearly about it. Amazing!!

  3. says

    I just realized that when I’m working on it, I get busy listening to music, then my thoughts drift off all over the fucking place, and every now and then I surface and take note of what I’ve done with my hands. Most of the time I’m not terribly aware of working. Heh.

  4. kestrel says

    It **is** an amazing amount of work. But it is coming along so well! I agree about how fanatastic it is to get some sleep -- really good sleep. For some people that might be a nightly occurrence and something to be taken for granted, but that is not so for everyone… and for those who can not sleep, being able to is awesome. It is looking great, here is hoping it cooperates in the frame.

  5. says

    Kestrel, yes, good sleep is a rarity for me. Wish it happened more often. A bit more work today, then tomorrow, dreaded cleaning. I’d rather work!

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