The Amazing World of AMKK!

Azuma Mokoto and Shiinuke Shunsuke.

Need to brighten up your universe and recapture a sense of wonder, delight, and glee? Look no further than AMKK, a world of intense, joyful artistry and botany. They are featured on The Creators Project, where you can see so much, and read all about these magical artists, then you can go and wander over to their website, and get absolutely lost in the most amazing, oh, well, just have a wander, it will do your non-existent soul so much good!


  1. chigau (違う) says

    Lovely stuff!
    Shunsuke’s family name
    shi i no ki
    it might mean “beech tree”

  2. says

    Yeah it is, amazing and awesome! I have to set aside time to go through every single thing they’ve done. Blows me away. Love love loved the flowers and pine tree in space.

  3. usagichan says

    Truly amazing site… truly amazing works of art
    My son is studying flower arrangement (both western and Ikebana) at a vocational school in Tokyo
    It was really cool to show him such spectacular work -- I really hope that it inspires him
    My favourite was the one floating in the sea in the Phillipines
    Utterly gorgeous

  4. says

    Usagichan, there’s one of those connections that makes doing this all worthwhile! I hope your son liked it, and it’s hard to imagine not being inspired!

    Yes, the one in the Philippines grabbed me, too. Amazing contrasts, such beauty.

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