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    I was a huge fan of their music when they first came out (the start-up I founded in 1997 had their first album as the “on hold music” on our PBX, by my direction, and the front desk operator had a little card with the ISBN# because people kept asking ‘what is that?’) I went and saw them in Virginia back in (13?) and was terribly disappointed: they had added a drummer and the mix was off, so all I could hear was boom whacka boom and the cellos were completely drowned. My date and I left halfway into the first couple songs. Ugh.

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    I like pretty much all their stuff, from 20 years ago to now. I love Bittersweet, Sea Song, Helden, and all the instrumentals. I don’t mind the changes, I roll with them. Can’t just keep covering Metallica.

    They’re on their 20 year tour right now, and they’re still looking good to me!

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