1. Ice Swimmer says

    “Ok, another winter gone fairly well, with no bear sleeping in our nest. Time to get to work!”

  2. blf says

    That reminds me: Bugs are back on the menu at the local Mexican restaurant. They had some for a short time a year or two ago, and now they are back, served a bit differently and quite yummy.

  3. Lofty says

    Every year a species of ants local to us develops wings and they fly around looking for new nesting spots. The phenomenon is short lived and the ants don’t bite. Their discarded wings get trapped in the spiders webs and provide ready snacks for a bunch of small bird species.

  4. rq says

    That’s the annual swarming of the queens, usually one of the first egg batches is a queens-only batch, they all hatch at once and disperse to start their own colonies. Most are eaten or die, but a select few always make it through…
    These are just waking up, the queen swarm will be in a few weeks.

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