Science Fair Season.

Makezine has you covered for the upcoming science fairs, with 8 cool projects. Here are a few of them:


Build a physical display that demonstrates the property of retroreflection at work.


Create a micro ecosystem in a jar.


Power an LED with nothing more than a fancy bucket of mud.


This slimy goop isn’t just fascinating fun, it’s also a perfect example of a non-newtonian fluid.

You can check them all out here.


  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    If I don’t empty it for a while, my under-sink compost bucket becomes a micro ecosystem.

  2. multitool says

    A year ago I made one with a jar just like that! Then I went into the hospital for a week and came out and it was still alive.
    Mine wasn’t aquatic, but a patch of moss on some rocks. The bottle itself was submerged under water in a larger jar though, just to make sure it was truly isolated.
    My mad fantasy is to see a cubesat with a mini ecosystem and a webcam in low Earth orbit, so the world can watch how generations of tardigrades and other microbes adapt to their new environment, a la Silent Running. Even if it goes to mold that’s something living, right?

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