The Red Wave.

Creatas Images / Getty Images.

Creatas Images / Getty Images.

Another journalist has gone running to the nazi side, in this case, the co-founder of Politico, Mike Allen, who is described as one of the most powerful journalists in D.C. Allen has apparently decided to do everything in his power to normalise the fascist state we now find ourselves in, to the point of praising Breitbart’s journalism to the skies. Why yes, made up bullshit is just great journalism, didn’t you know? Just this tiny snippet, because the whole damn things sickens me.

Describing how he approached a speaking engagement in front of a Trump-friendly audience in Wyoming shortly after the election, Allen said he decided to “shut up” so he could “listen to you about what you liked about Trump, how you came to your decision, what your inputs were.”

“A lot of it is also psychic and sociological and social. The anti-PC thing I think is a huge part of it,” he said, before going on to recount a conversation he had with a Trump-supporting friend on a train shortly after the election.

“People in America [were] just living their lives as they always have, and things were just changing too fast. ‘I’m living my life the way I always have and all of the sudden I’m the bigot, I’m a bad guy,’ and I think that was a huge part of this red wave.”

All of a sudden you’re the bigot, the bad guy. Well, if you are a bigot, yes, that makes you a bad guy. Right here in the open is why people voted for Trump – they want to be able to stay on top of the people pile, being bigoted assholes with the ability to make other people miserable. It’s disgusting. Repulsive. Sickening. Bad guy isn’t enough. Evil asshole, perhaps.

Full story at Think Progress.


  1. blf says

    I’m not sure I follow the criticism (based solely on the quotes in the OP): He seems to be saying he wanted to listen, yet is being accused of a bigot for that. Eh?

    Turn it around: Suppose it was someone from the wingnut press attending the opposite sort of event. Not (apparently) to present their view per se, but (supposedly) listening to our view (and presumably asking questions, which is an important part of effective listening). Does that make this hypothetical person and/or her/his views suddenly different? If so, why?

    As quoted in the OP, my initial inclination is it’s an attempt to avoid the notorious “echo chamber”, albeit the left’s version. Listening does not imply agreement, or even approval, unless listening is all one ever does: I would eventually expect a report, plus a critique.

    The reality-based community must avoid nazi-styled things: Lying (e.g., false news), closed minds (e.g., echo chamber), ignoring evidence (e.g., presuppositions), and on on…

  2. samihawkins says

    So is ‘anti-PC’ is the codeword we’ve collectively decided to use for bigotry? Because I’ve noticed a huge number of Trump voters, you know those people who supposedly voted for economic reason, gloating about how he’s gonna put those PC folks in their place.

  3. cicely says

    All of a sudden you’re the bigot, the bad guy.

    No, not “all of a sudden”; you always were the bigot.
    It just didn’t stand out against the background radiation.

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