1,200 Scholars Agree.

A student protests against Donald Trump's proposals at Rutgers University on November 16. Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA via AP.

A student protests against Donald Trump’s proposals at Rutgers University on November 16. Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA via AP.

Concerned by the hateful rhetoric that has accompanied President-elect Donald Trump’s transition to the White House, a group of 1,200 historians and other scholars have put out a powerful statement urging Americans to stand guard against civil rights abuses.

“Looking back to history provides copious lessons on what is at stake when we allow hysteria and untruths to trample people’s rights,” the scholars wrote. “We know the consequences, and it is possible, with vigilance and a clear eye on history, to prevent tragedy before it is too late.”

You can read the statement in full at Mother Jones. I keep wondering what in the hell it’s going to take, to wake people up. How about Fashwave?

How about the never-ending incidents of hate?

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What is it going to take?


  1. says

    Up here, someone writing on someone else’s car is taking their life in their hands, regardless of the message. I’d like to see some little nazi punkass try that shit, I really would. They might serve as a useful example to others.

  2. rq says

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw this on Facebook and… well, I can’t say I laughed, since it wasn’t funny-funny. But now I see that the development of a particular and very specific genre of music… is a very real thing. And people follow it and listen to it and… I feel sick, too.

    Also I think they should spell it ‘fascwave’ not ‘fashwave’, because the second can still mislead people into thinking it’s something appropriate and fasionable (or fashion-related). I say this because it did take me to read up to the explanation of the term to get it.

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