The Trump Investigative Fund.



There are journalists who are determined to report facts and make a constant effort to disclose the truth. That’s very important right now. Think Progress has started a fund, and if you are able to drop a few pennies, this is a good place to do so.

This isn’t breaking news: Our democracy is at risk.

In one of his first moves as president-elect, Donald Trump named a white nationalist figure to be his chief strategist.

Some of the nation’s top media outlets proceeded to normalize the selection, describing the proprietor of a racist website as an “outsider” and “firebrand.”

Right now we need accountability and vigilance. Accountability for racism. Accountability for corruption. Accountability for incompetence.

We have so much work to do.

That’s why we’re starting an emergency Trump investigative fund of $100,000. Will you join our fight to protect democratic values and chip in $3 or more?

With this fund, we will seek to hold Trump accountable to every promise, relentlessly track and expose his conflicts of interest, and expose the records and values of the people he is bringing in to run the country.

With this fund, we will file Freedom of Information Act requests with every government agency, rooting out corruption and incompetence.

With this fund, we will fact-check the Trump administration in real time and precisely break down its policy proposals.

With this fund, we will pursue deeply reported investigations, tracking the impact of Trump’s policies on the American people.

And we will never, ever compromise the truth for false balance.

The traditional media has failed. They put Trump supporters on their payrolls, played hours of his rallies uninterrupted, and indulged in false equivalencies. Now that the transition has started, it’s gotten worse.

Right now, we need fearless journalism guided by progressive values.


Together, we can resist.



  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    My next donation is going to standing rock again, which seems a bit more immediate, but I’ll bookmark this one for later.

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