Evening Turkeys.

The last few times I’ve encountered our visiting turkeys, I’ve talked to them, and they now recognize my voice and don’t worry about me over much. Today, they let me sit fairly close and take photos of them having a groom and rest session. Afterward, they entertained me by flying to the top of the cat kennel, making one amazingly loud noise as each one landed. They had an interesting time dealing with chain link, but navigated it successfully until they were on the roof. I talked to them the whole time they were up there, and they often burbled something back.  I know they will leave eventually, but I am so loving having them here. This is such a great experience, and I am so thankful to the Matriarch for granting me approved status. And I have enough photos to do a “The Daily Wild Turkey” for a while! Click for full size.











© C. Ford.


  1. rq says

    I lurve their tailfeathers, esp. when they lean over while grooming, a bit like cats with extended hind legs. Though not quite as embarrassing.
    You could probably, by now, make a small reference notebook with a headshot of each turkey showing the pattern of carbuncles -- I’m pretty sure they’re individual for each bird, like a fingerprint or fluke. I wonder if/how they change with age, though.
    Anyway, you’re lucky! Beautiful birdies.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The stripes and the shape of the feathers makes them so expressive.

    The grooming pictures are great. The fourth is a nice mystery of feathers.

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