1. rq says

    They want to send a signal home, they’ve had enough of this place.


    There’s a Latvian verb bužināt from which come words like sabužināt and bužināties, which means something akin to ‘to fluff oneself/someone’ or ‘to scritch something fluffy in a cuddly fashion’ or ‘to cuddle aggressively’ (it’s actually a weird verb to translate, I just realized), and these turkeys make me think of it in many of these photos.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Turkeys from many angles. It’s nice to see them spreading their wings, tails and collars. Also the behind-the-head photo lets on see how the skin on their head looks.

    The tail in number 10 looks fascinating.

    The photos are both visually pleasing and informative.

  3. says


    There’s a Latvian verb bužināt

    That’s very right when it comes to the turkeys.

    Rick just took some trash out, and scared the turkeys, who were on top of the kennel again.

  4. jimb says

    All the photos are very interesting.

    It sure looks like they’ve made themselves at home, even if it’s temporary.

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