Facebook, Oh Facebook X.

Dan Johnson (WDRB).

Dan Johnson (WDRB).

The claims of “I’m not a racist, I’m not!” are emanating from yet another white politician, who seems to think that monkey jokes about the President and the First Lady are just knee smackin’ hilarious. These are being defended as “scrutiny”. There’s a near fatal eyeroll. I think this asspimple should be scrutinized right out of office and into obscurity.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A candidate for Kentucky’s state House is making no apologies for shocking images found on his Facebook page.

Dan Johnson is a Republican challenging an incumbent Democrat in the 49th district, which includes much of Bullitt County.

He is also bishop of the Heart of Fire Church in southeast Louisville.

“I love America. I love people. I believe red, yellow, black and white, all are precious in God’s sight. I’m not a racist,” Johnson told WDRB News.

His church sign reads, “Jesus and this church are not politically correct.”

As WDRB found, neither is Johnson’s Facebook page.

“Well, I’d like to know first off, what images that are being considered offensive,” Johnson said.

WDRB’s Lawrence Smith showed him printouts of images he’s either posted or shared, such as a photo of a chimpanzee, labeled as a baby picture of President Barack Obama.

Another image had ape-like features photo-shopped onto pictures of the Obama family.

“It wasn’t meant to be racist. I can tell you that. My history’s good there. I can see how people would be offended in that. I wasn’t trying to offend anybody, but, I think Facebook’s entertaining,” Johnson said.

When pressed, Johnson would not acknowledge that the images crossed the line. He calls it satire.

“I looked this up. There has been no president that hasn’t had that scrutiny. Not one. I think it would be racist not to do the same for President Obama as we’ve done for every other president.”

Johnson’s Facebook page also contains numerous images of the confederate flag.

“That flag was for state rights. The reason it is under attack now is we’re being attacked as state rights and constitutionalists. We are being attacked,” Johnson said.

There are also a number of anti-Islam posts, such as one calling for states to ban Islam.

“My thing for Islam, if you want to be in America, be an American. The thing about all religions in America, they don’t oppose America or want to destroy America, or some way or another get us to take on another law, like Sharia law. I hate that,” he said.

Johnson says if the Facebook images cost him votes in November, so be it. He is not apologetic.

“I want to be myself. I would rather be myself than be elected as state representative of the 49th.

Let’s examine this remarkable case of non-racism:




Looks like the poisonous output of a repellent bigot to me.



  1. rq says

    State rights, sure -- state rights to own slaves. It’s all right there in the original documents.
    That scrutiny that he oh-so-equally is applying to Obama (didn’t know racist photoshop was now also a critical manifesto on the faults in Obama’s record as president) just got applied to him, and guess what, it finds him wanting. Not sure what he’s complaining about. :P

  2. says

    I shouldn’t be, I really shouldn’t, but I was surprised this asshole labels explicit bigotry as scrutiny. No, that’s not scrutiny, what’s happening to him, yeah, that’s the real deal.

    These asses just cannot refrain from expressing their hatred, and I’m glad of it, too. We do not need people like that in office, no matter how low on the ladder.

  3. Crimson Clupeidae says

    “I’m not a bigot!”

    Spews and/or posts a bunch of bigotted shit.

    “That’s satire.”

    Somebody doesn’t understand how words work. If it weren’t so pathetic, I’d find it laughable how thin skinned these whiny little white assholes tend to be when either called on their shit, or get the tables turned on them. Then they go screaming and whining about being persecuted, because someone noticed they were an asshole…..

    Fuck the whole lot of them.

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