Another edition of Rats Past. Agnes, Amelia’s sister, was firmly in the Wicked Smart McSmartypants category. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t figure out, and it never took her very long to figure anything out, either. Agnes was also a generally happy, affectionate girl too. She would raise the ire and jealousy of all the others every Ratmas though, because she was the only one who figured out the easy way to get the mineral chews – you just cut the thread!






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  1. stellatree says

    So cute, the clever girl! These pictures really tell the story. I had rats as a teenager, they are such lovely creatures.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Sharp mind and sharp incisors will get you ahead in life.

    I think Agnes’s blue face is the only time I’ve seen a rat get visibly messy from food. A nice series of photos.

  3. Kengi says

    That blue face is delightful. If I had tasty food hanging around like that my facial hair would be blue as well.

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