1. blf says

    “Hopper & Spider — sounds like an ’80s television show”: I think yer thinking of Bier Bats, sometimes known and Hops & Poops, about an alien walrus trying to get at the cheese stored in Massive Orbital Cheese Vault (MOON). For never-clearly-explained reasons (the series was canceled before the premier episode, which might have explained things) the alien, which didn’t look anything at all like a walrus, disguised itself as moth. Bad choice, as it was constantly chased by bats. Being supersonic, however, it could usually get away, but not always. When it was eaten (usually as the result of an ambush) it took control of the bat’s sonar and invariably steered the bat into something nasty, such as a cliff face, republican, or pea, escaping in the resulting confusion / explosion / pulverized batshite (hence the “Poops” in the alternative title).

    The “Bier” in the title has also never been explained, albeit there are two leading hypotheses: First, you had to drink a lot of beer before it made any sense; and Second, the alien walrus thought the MOON contained beer (Massive Orbital Beer Reservoir). It does, of course, in the numerous bars, but most of its cargo is cheese.

    The mildly deranged penguin spend a whole five minutes on the script, and remains disappointed the series was canceled. It is said you can find the few seconds of film which were shot and not destroyed on some of the more obscure video sites, but most of the snippets seem to be forgeries. For one thing, they almost make sense, an unambiguous sign of counterfeit episodes.

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