1. blf says

    Rioting berserk flowers are a serious menace, only a step away from shooting posion & kills. Historically, burning was used to contain and control the threat, albeit this tended to also incinerate the village. Last century, control methods were based on DDT (which worked fairly well) but that is, rightly, no longer used. Current-day control is still spraying, but using a pulverized mixture of republican and libertarian. This is very toxic and must be applied by trained professionals, but with care, seems to work. Not on horses or peas, unfortunately, and there are unconfirmed reports of a nasty side-effect: Frothing mad rocks. (Any similarities to supporters of teh trum-prat may not be coincidental.)

  2. Lofty says


    Rioting berserk flowers are a serious menace

    Yar, when they jump off the bush and attack yer ankles they needs a bit o teaching with a good stiff yard broom. The compost heap has never looked more livid.

  3. rq says

    So it’s true: everything in Australia is trying to kill you. I admire your fortitude, Lofty.

  4. Lofty says

    rq, I’d rather traipse the twisted paths of a savage garden than risk the perils of the streets of Gunfuckistan. Flowers lack malice, they just want feeding. Mother’s ashes have cheered up the lemon trees no end.

  5. chigau (違う) says

    Mother’s ashes have cheered up the lemon trees no end.
    What a lovely tribute.
    Lemonade for everyone!

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