Make America Native Again.



There is a new product hitting the interwaves that hails from Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a red baseball cap featuring the caption: “Make America Native Again” in response to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, which states “Make America Great Again”.

The hat, produced by Bowen Creative of Albuquerque is worn in this image by Christina M. Castro on her Facebook page. Ms. Castro works as a staff facilitator for Tewa Women United’s A’Gin Program: Healthy Sexuality & Body Sovereignty Project. She’s also the managing editor of the Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Institute’s youth publication, The Yucca Cord.

Castro calls herself, “a writer, educator, all around badass native woman!”

“You know it’s interesting how Trump, a rich, white man can be blatantly racist and it’s ok. When people of color have a response, we are quickly shut down. We Native American people have an increasingly powerful voice that will not be silenced!”



These are all strong Native women making statements, empowering each other but also just living their daily lives, making America Native, again.
The “Make America Native Again” hat can be found here:

The full story is at ICTMN.


  1. rq says

    I wouldn’t mind owning a hat like that, but I doubt I’m the right person to wear it without stepping all over other people’s toes. Hope the idea takes off!

  2. cicely says

    I am insufficiently qualified to wear such a hat, but I greatly admire the sentiment.
    When I saw it over at ICTMN, I smiled.

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