Dawkins: I’ve Given Up Twitter.


Richard Dawkins. Getty Images.

Some of the professor’s most heated recent spats have unfolded on social media. He has qualified some of his Twitter remarks and lamented that medium’s lack of nuance, but embraces it nonetheless.

Or at least, he used to.

“I’ve given up Twitter,” Prof Dawkins says quietly but curtly. The tweets that appear in his name, apparently, are the work of the staff at his Foundation for Reason and Science.

“I occasionally ask them to post something, which they do, but I’ve given up doing it myself.”

It’s about time. Source.


  1. says

    Has million+ followers, gets criticized by a small number of them for being a douchebag, throws his toys out of the pram and quits.

    Yeah, Dawkins doesn’t just want to be loved -- he wants to be unconditionally and absolutely loved.

    Prediction: within the next year he will say that he was harrassed into going off twitter by trolls and stalkers and that it’s ironic that all those feminists who are complaining about harrassment and silencing harrassed and silenced poor plummy him. If anyone wants to make any bets against me, contact my bookie.

  2. says


    He should give up talking publicly about anything but science.

    According to the article, that’s exactly what he’s doing. I don’t believe it for a fucking second.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Members of his staff are tweeting while pretending to be Dawkins?
    Isn’t that kinda like … uh …LYING‽

  4. rq says

    Good for him. Hopefully he will stop and think about how to communicate in 140 characters and return a wiser, better tweeter.

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