There’s a Little Kid’s Bathroom Now?

I could not manage all four minutes of this douche weasel’s ranting, but I listened to enough to hear him yell about men in dresses / pedophiles being allowed into the little kid’s bathrooms. Little [cisgender] kids have their own public lavs now?

He was ultimately escorted out by police while shouting, “Jesus Christ was not friends with any homos! I’m sorry to tell you guys that!”

I’d use Ken Ham’s gotcha here: “Were you there?”

Full Story Here.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    Jesus Christ was not friends with any homos!

    Well, if you take what the Bible says as true, Jesus was approximately 30 y.o. when he died, and never married or had a girlfriend, but he had 12 very close male friends and played wet robe games with John the Baptist.

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