1. rq says

    Great shot with the butterfly, they rarely stay still enough for a portrait like that!!
    (I know what the flower is, but the name isn’t coming to me. I think it’s a wild-type tulip thingy, but I’m not 100% on that.)

  2. blf says

    What kind of butterfly has six white wings with central green streaks, six eyestalks, and no particularly obvious legs? Or, for that matter, no particularly obvious head, thorax, or abdomen?

    Rather neat camouflage on that flower! Looks like gravel with some sort of brightly-coloured poisonousness weed.

  3. says

    It’s a beautiful flower. It reminded me of what’s called Solomon’s Seal here, but that was completely wrong when I checked it out. I think I found it though:

    ornithogalum nutans ist umgangssprachlich als nickender milchstern bekannt und bildet weiß-grüne blüten aus. die in europa heimische pflanze (u. a. bulgarien, türkei) blüht von april bis juni und wird ca. 20 zentimeter hoch.

    From here. There’s a short wiki on it, too.

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