Lt Gov candidate in Virginia notes you are a vessel for Satan



Pastor E. W. Jackson is running for the crucial job of Lt. Governor in Virginia. Can we dispense with which party he’s in? It’s a critical post in VA because that state’s senate is split and the Lt Gov casts the tie breaker. He’s quite a piece of work and exhibit A for why pulpits and ballot boxes mix like domestic bliss and anabolic steroids:

The Corner — Most people are dead spirits. As such they have the nature of Satan who does not want to have anything to do with God or anyone related to Him. Of course they are not aware that they are imbued with the nature of Satan. They would be mortified by the idea of becoming Satanists or devil worshippers. Satan benefits far more from people who do not know they serve him than from those who knowingly bow to him. Your spirit was made for attachment. It is either attached to God or to Satan, but it is not neutral, no matter how much people think themselves to be.

We live in the most interesting times in human history. These are the days spoken of in Scripture, the days of fulfillment. This is therefore an era of unprecedented spiritual activity on both sides as the conflict races to a head. Those who are in Christ are on the winning side. Part of what must happen during this period of great harvest for the kingdom of God is a massive wealth transfer. It is not going to happen by theft or governmental policy. It is going to happen supernaturally. Those invested in God’s market are going to reap a windfall. Make up your mind now to buy in.

Jackson is a preacher so perhaps that stuff should come as no surprise. But I’m not sure if he’s speaking figuratively or not there on the wealth transfer. My guess is that’s one of the milder blows on a soothing dog whistle for rich conservatives that Jackson issues from time to time or will soon, assuring them the reason they’re rich is because that’s what God wants. The flip side of that is poor and struggling middle class people are in that shape because that’s how God wants it. Which conveniently means that helping rich people is God’s Will and helping less fortunate people is going against The Lord. Actually Jackson goes one better, You’re a Vessel for Satan!

He’s also black so he fondles that tender blind spot in so many neoconfederate Teaparty types. Nice bit of self-serving dogma on so many levels, no? Maybe not precisely what Hippy Jesus had in mind, but then again Jackson is in the conservative fundie racket a preacher fer chrisake, he knows how Republican Jesus felt about tax cuts and carried interest for hedge fund managers and don’t you forget it …

It’s funny, except he’s got a real good chance of winning folks. Which means if Crazy Cooch wins the VA Governorship, it could mean a spree of this fundamentalist creepy voodoo shit enacted into policy. Including the kind of voodoo that found a home under Reagan in voodoo economics and wrecked millions of lives, the kind of bullshit magic that has tangible, practical and well received results for the already wealthy.


  1. anubisprime says

    d.c.wilson @ 1

    Exhibit A for why separation of church and state is a good idea.

    And because it is a ‘good idea’ the very reason that religiotards, resent it, hate it, misrepresent it, and eventually ignore it, hoping the inconvenient scary interfering thing eventually goes away.
    How can a god fearing jeebus trooper exercise a god given right to hate and discriminate along with persecute and victimize if they are not allowed to do it when the spirit takes them?

    Must mean xtianity is repressed…

    I do but wonder what would happen if theists got their every wish and every wet dream handed to them, to be able to proselytize and harangue and hate and practise persecution openly, to be able to burn atheists and teh gheys, and democrats and rapes the ‘wimmins when it suits them and never be held accountable…how long would it be before they started to rip each other apart…literally!

    Longer then a day shorter then a month…?

  2. dan4 says

    @2: Anubisprime, off his/her meds again. Please list the specific theists who have stated that they desire to burn atheists to death and rape women “when it suits them.”

  3. Tyrant says

    Of course they are not aware that they are imbued with the nature of Satan. They would be mortified by the idea of becoming Satanists or devil worshippers.

    Well, mortified, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I would find it rather embarassing to become something as silly as a devil worshipper. Although… I do have the necessary background music at hand.

  4. trina says

    Hmm all the theist who voted for the rape-pregnant women bill- aka the forced ultrasounds.

  5. wholething says

    @3: dan4
    Theists the world over have a history of burning atheists, other theists, and witches. It’s been practiced for most of the last one thousand years. Judging by the billboards for local churches, they are satisfied with the idea that atheists will be burned eventually.

    There seems to be an article in the newspaper every week about a theist raping somebody. Here’s a short list of leaders of theistic sects who have been convicted of rape and/or sexual assaults:

    Wayne Bent
    Warren Jeffs
    Graham Capili
    Jung Myung Seok
    William Kamm
    Theodore Rinaldo
    Paul Schafer

    “Thou shalt not rape” should have been one of the Ten Commandments, maybe replacing the thought crime of “Thou shalt not covet.”

  6. rikitiki says

    Which is why, way back in the day, I always wondered why and how journalists, etc,
    would refer to Jesse Jackson as “The reverand Jess Jackson”. I really wanted to scream
    at them that “reverand” had absolutely NO business being said about him if he was
    running for political office!

  7. anubisprime says

    dan4 @ 3

    Please list the specific theists who have stated that they desire to burn atheists to death

    Every single Catholic for a start, according to the Vatican despite what their pope said.

    And the difference between existential hell and the stake?
    The intention is the same threat and actuality of extreme agony and pain.
    Human beings actually using burning of another human being as a threat…how repugnant is that?
    And the history is there, if you are not to biassed or even blind.
    Or is your projection so strong as to deny Christians have a fascination with the flames?
    If it is not humans then it is books or does that not count?

    Complete strangers who I have never met in person feel no shyness in condemning me to hell, it has happened so many times on blogs and forums to count, they feel it is their right somehow, just because I do not regard their fairy story as sacrosanct.

    Would Christians burn again, damn sure the fundagelicals would if the could, and the rest of the mob 4 jeebus pretending to be moderates would just look on and cluck their tongues!

    Compared to their self identified natural enemies the starkness in contrast about threat and hatred towards an enemy that has never to my knowledge ever threatened a theist with a physical or spiritual violence either in life or indeed in death seems rather stark.

    and rape women “when it suits them.”

    Already answered #4, and interesting to note that the prison population seems rather heavily skewed towards Christian belief in theory if not practice, by a rather substantial margin.
    Interesting to note also that the majority of spree killers are believers in a god or a church or a philosophy revolving around Christian ethos.
    Remarkable that those who are not soon become born again as their parole board convenes!

    You can play semantics and accuse others of a condition controlled by medication if that makes you feel better, but calling it as it is apparently is not a treatable malady.
    When it is shown to be different to perception and experience then attitudes might change, but that seems as likely as an honest cleric.
    Still a sad state of affairs whichever way it is sliced and diced, considering the afflicted are always likely to boast that they are the arbiters of morality on earth.

  8. says

    Anubis makes a very good point imo. When someone believes or says I will burn in hell, it’s usually left unstated that they mean for eternity. Not a thousand years, not a million, an infinite number of years in intractable, agonizing pain, aka forever. Which is arguably worse than the garden variety burning at the stake here in this fucked up mortal world. It is in fact the most horrible fate they can imagine, by tradition anyway, which is why they wish it for people like most regs here at FTB. If there were a worse one, they’d wish that on us, too.

    I am more worried about the shorter duration burning though, the infinite one is ridiculous in scope and so hard to truly believe — if all time and space does turn out to be ruled by insane rival deities engaged in a cosmic pissing match gleefully torturing innocent humans for all eternity with no hope of changing it, I would just as soon not exist after death at all, as it would force me to either suffer or be complicit and rewarded at the expense of of the infinite suffering of others. I would just as soon not know that while alive. But shorter duration real world burning is quite real, has happened, and happens to this day. I won’t post the link because it could make some readers sick to their stomach and haunt them for a long time, it did me, but witch burning is documented as alive and well in some places in the 21st century.

  9. anubisprime says

    Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew @ 9

    witch burning is documented as alive and well in some places in the 21st century.

    Absolutely and the local religious clones gaze on and do very little to stop it!

    Mainly because the burners were Christians….shocked I tell you…well not really… sickened certainly!
    They managed five before lunch…then went to pray away the screams!

  10. says

    It should also be noted that there are Muslim groups in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan that specifically endorse raping women as a means of punishing them for alleged offenses, whether committed by the woman herself or by members of her family.

  11. M can help you with that. says

    So Jackson effectively claims that everyone who doesn’t agree with him is worshipping Satan whether they know it or not?

    That’s a sure sign of someone who worships Greyface. Whether he knows it or not.

  12. anubisprime says

    d.c.wilson @ 11

    Religion has not reached the bottom of that filthy barrel just yet, they are still digging with enthusiasm, and always but always achieve a lower standard of sanity, it like a never ending journey into a nightmare realm where the only way is down.
    And you are right behaving like rabid sewer rats is not a privilege extended only to Christian heroes, it is a bonus shared by all the major delusions.

    I think it belies the fact that the Abrahamic trilogy of balderdash are all truly cut from the same cloth.
    They are in competition with each other to see who are the true believers in gobbly gook, that requires extreme inhumanity to prove they are the chosen ones.

    The sadness is that they all are really proud of themselves afterwards, they are almost worshipped for their godliness by other brain dead sycophants, and they all seem to envy the extremes of Islam, it might well be the youngest turd in the swamp but it is by far the smelliest.
    Explains the antipathy they all have for one and other, they are all out of control and it will get worse, because nothing spins faster then an institution that is losing relevancy influence and any semblance of reality.
    The instabilities were always there but now the body clerical is a passenger to the forces from within that will eventually shake the whole vehicle apart, but there will be a lot of tears, death and destruction on an earthly plane before this particular cancer is stamped on.

    Shit house rats do not take kindly to being cornered.


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