SCOTUS Immigration ruling & Healthcare decision

Update 10 AM: Word is no HCR decision today, probably Thursday. No way to know if that’s true, it’s just a plausible sounding rumor being passed around the new media community in the last few minutes. If so I’ll be nailed to my chair blogging the injustice of the Justices here. And I’ll be wearing something nice, this time, because I like to look nice when I get $*#%&-ed by creepy old men in black hoods …

Update 9:21 AM Central: Mixed decision on the Immigration Law but sounds like the Papers Please part was upheld, at least partially. I’ll leave the rest to the legal eagle bloggers like Ed Brayton. [Read more…]

Egypt announces new government amid massive street protests

Update 9:30 AM: Winner of the Presidential election is  Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi. The crowd is going wild, they seem to be in favor of this choice.

Tahir Square in Egypt has been filled to the brim the past few days as protestors wait to hear what people and which parties won their first democratic election in decades. That announcement will reportedly come any second now. BBC News Middle East is streaming. Google has set up multiple news/video feeds here.

No matter who wins, one thing is clear: Egypt has changed forever and that what happens today could quickly reach every nation on earth. [Read more…]